Pieces of Me

As many of you now know, John and I are preparing for a major transition from Eugene to Indianapolis at the end of June. It is amazing to me how in a short amount of time, everything about your life can change. We weren’t planning a job search or to move but the Universe opened a door for us and showed us an opportunity that we couldn’t refuse. So, by the time July 1 gets here we will have packed up our lives in Eugene, sold off many of our goods, bought a new car, found a new place to live, and moved to a new city! All in 7 weeks! Again, life changes fast.

While that all may seem like chaos and completely unnerving (especially for us type-A folks that like to plan EVERYTHING out), I am at peace. This peace is giving me space to be reflective about my personal growth as each item I pack reflects the pieces of me.

At this point, my career has taken me from Texas, Michigan, Florida and Oregon. I have learned many things personally and professionally from each opportunity. There are pieces of me that I have left behind because they were no longer who I wanted to be. There are new pieces I picked up along the way because they better reflected my values.

Until now, this process over the years felt like I was shedding much of what I no longer wanted to be. Learning and growing meant unlearning many of the ways I had been socialized in order to become the woman and leader I wanted to be. Now, in this moment, I am finding pieces of me all around that I had put down unintentionally and that I actually LIKE some of those pieces. I still want them to be a part of me.

Now the question I have in my mind is, “How do I put this all back together?”

What I am grateful for is the opportunity to continue to learn and grow.

All of this is the process of becoming.



3 thoughts on “Pieces of Me

  1. You have always been an incredible person! As each of us grow and change throughout our lives it is important to let all things, good and bad mold us into the whole of who we are! Indianapolis will be blessed by your presence!

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