Thriving in 2014: My #oneword2014 Resolution

With joy in my heart, grounded in spirit, and a fearless pep in my step, my #oneword for 2014 is Thrive!

This photo just captures the forward motion of thriving. And, my blonde hair. :)

This painting just captured for me the forward motion of thriving. And, my blonde hair. 🙂

As I think about the last several years, while I had moments of thriving, I really felt as though I was surviving. I spent alot of time responding to things in my environment. But, the moments when I have felt the most alive have been the moments where I was brave enough to follow my instincts and heart, owned my knowledge and skills, and took risks with great joy and optimism.

That my friends is what I really want to do this year. I don’t know all the steps to take, but I am committed to figuring it out.

investigate thriving

Right now, I think it means I need to create more space to be me. Things that come to mind are writing more, doing fewer things with more focus, running, settling in to my new job, spending time with family and owning my inner awesome. It may take me all year to find out, but I’m determined to try.

What have you learned on your journey about thriving? What does it mean to you to thrive?

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